Welcome to the Santa Monica Bowls Club

Lawn_Bowling_-_Tim_Mason1Welcome to the official website of the friendliest bowling club in Southern California.

We are carrying on a long tradition of lawn bowling here at our club, and you are all invited to try this fun game. It is very easy to learn, but devlish hard to be an expert. Because we play on natural grass, and vary the length of the jack for every end, every roll is different. Plus, of course, the magic of lawn bowls is that the bowls are not spherical. They are all slightly elliptical and have a natural bias to one direction, so they do not travel straight. On the other hand, you can get around competitors bowls that may be in your path to victory.

Plus it is one of the most sociable sports anywhere. In fact, many of our members only come out for the gentle exercise and social interaction. Where else do you chat politely with your competitor while playing.

The top competitor players are playing a game of chess as it were, plotting strategy and rolls well in advance. No two ends are ever the same so you will get plenty of mental stimulation too if you want it.

See Club News for all the current news postings.

Everyone welcome for some fun in the sun